Whether SME or large corporation; family-run or listed - auditors bear great social responsibility for all your clients. With CENTURION, you have a reliable partner at your side.

CENTURION has established an adequate and effective quality assurance system, last inspected by the APAB in 2021, in accordance with the requirements of the International Standards on Quality Control of the IAASB as well as nationally applicable standards. Through our team structure and proactive task planning, we ensure that the engagement partner is sufficiently involved in the review and that regular coordination takes place with the audit team and, in particular, with the on-site audit manager.

Our quality promise

CENTURION represents quality and expertise. Our risk-oriented audit approach, which is based on comprehensive data analyses, applies equally to medium-sized companies and large corporations, so that we guarantee consistent audit quality for all our clients. Our innovative activity, the use of modern audit tools, professional judgement and many years of experience in the audit teams, enable us to achieve a high quality of our audit.


Through solution-oriented communication, we ensure individually coordinated reporting that complies with all legal standards. For us, the most comprehensive exchange of information possible throughout the entire engagement is one of the core prerequisites for the successful performance of the audit. In addition to the legally required reporting and communication points, we hold regular jour-fixes upon request as well as a follow-up meeting after the audit has been completed.


An efficient and high-quality audit requires a well-coordinated team with the right skills and experience. The quality of the audit as well as the satisfaction of the company being audited is significantly influenced by the persons acting. Our audit teams are made up of technical and methodological experts as well as specialists and are put together individually according to the requirements of the audit engagement.

Selected services

CENTURION's audit team has a lot to offer. The following is an overview of our expertise in the field of assurance services: